Owing to useful services such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce is an invaluable tool for a business’s success. Not only does it give your company access to tools for easy business running, but there are also many other extensions that can enhance your focus on your data strategy. An effective strategy would be to ensure that the company has a robust yet future-proof data backup to ensure that the data saved will always stay intact with future additions and modifications while remaining entirely accessible.

With data, it’s important to take care of it. This includes backing up the data and knowing how to best handle in unplanned events. A strong future-proof salesforce data backup strategy will allow you to handle your data with skill and efficiency, by planning ahead rather than being reactionary.

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To avoid potential problems down the road, it is evident that businesses need to adopt a powerful Salesforce data backup solution while employing the most crucial Salesforce Data – cases, leads, contacts, and opportunities among others.

What Raises the need to Backup Your Data in Salesforce?

Salesforce data is always at risk for disaster. Here are just a few of the untold reasons why you need to backup your Salesforce data:

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss in Salesforce is a common issue faced by Organizations, it can occur due to various reasons including theft, human error, system crashes, malware attacks, and others. Backups keep your critical data safe in events of such uninvited disasters.

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Productivity Improvement

Productivity for many professions can be greatly impacted by downtime. Backup strategies have shown to be successful at optimizing the time and money wasted when downtime increases dramatically. Without backups, it would be very difficult to recover productivity because of technology failures or human error. Having a backup is all you need to improve productivity.

Client Relationships Maintenance

If you are a business owner, ensuring client relationships are safe is one of your top priorities. Just in case anything goes wrong, doing backups creates copies of the information for safe keeping instead of losing important information as other businesses do.

Competitive Edge

Businesses, regardless of size, time, or environment can benefit from having their necessary data backed up. There is evidence that businesses with comprehensive backup information at hand have witnessed an increase in revenues and profits due to being able to access important records faster.

Data backup is important for both protection and recovery. It’s important to protect business data from ransomware attacks, inadvertent deletion, malicious individuals, or hackers. Likewise, it’s also important for business owners that allows them peace of mind in knowing their best marketing efforts will not have a negative impact if something unfortunate were to happen-data backup is an asset.

ArchiveOnCloud: A Robust & Easy-to-use Data Backup Solution

With a competitive edge add-on, Salesforce customers can protect their important data by managing backup and recovery right out of the box. Sometimes data loss can be inevitable, but AOC recoveries mirror your important data quickly.

AOC is an excellent tool for quick data backup and recovery. The benefits of this solution include: using a single system to backup and recover data, no need to have multiple systems in place, the ability to schedule backups, easy data recovery, tracking versioning with no limitations, and more.

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Performing backup and recovery of multiple objects has never been easier with AOC. Plus, it’s cool because all you have to do is click a few buttons to schedule backups, restore data and pull back up your most recent versions when needed.  

With the help of vast features like scheduled backup, automatic backup, on-demand backup, support, easy restore, and versioning, AoC is the right choice. Get a free trial and explore some of the features that are available in the premium plan.