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Why Do You Need To Back Up Your Salesforce Data?

Your Salesforce Data Is NOT Automatically Protected

It is common for businesses moving to Salesforce to assume that their data would be automatically protected by the CRM platform. However, that is not the case. Within a SaaS platform like Salesforce, your data is as susceptible to being lost as it is in any conventional data centre.
While Salesforce provides you with the feature of disaster recovery for protecting the application, the same feature is not applicable to handle an incident related to data loss. This means that you may still lose data after you have moved it from a legacy platform to Salesforce.
It is, therefore, important to look for an ideal Salesforce data backup and recovery tool that ensures security of your data and saves you from losing records that matter.

Why Choose AOC?

Automatic and Scheduled Backup
Data Recovery Over Clicks
History Tracking of Fields Without Limitations
Insightful Dashboard

Saving Data When Salesforce Misbehaves!

Although the chances of your company encountering a Salesforce outage are very less, they can never be neglected. A single incident such outage can lead to long-term implications. In the May of 2019, Salesforce users across the world suffered from an event infamously known as the ‘Permageddon’. The event affected all users who had integrated Pardot within their Salesforce orgs.
The unfortunate event ended up corrupting the permissions model of the platform, granting every user permission to view and modify all records. Now that such incidents have occurred in the past, you cannot dismiss the possibility of them taking place again. With a reliable Salesforce data backup tool, you can withstand such events and keep your data secure.

Dealing With Faulty Integrations

While Salesforce integrations help you extend the functionality of your Salesforce org, they may result in unwanted data loss and corruption. Many Salesforce integrations are designed to move or change your records, the events where the security and availability of your records may be compromised. By having an active backup and recovery mechanism in place, you can handle data losses occurring due to Salesforce integrations.

Dealing With Human Errors

To err is human. However, some human errors may end up costing you your valuable Salesforce data! No matter how efficient your team of professionals is, there is always a little scope of some mistakes while your business processes are carried out. Right from Salesforce developers to administrators, anyone can end up committing a blunder that makes you lose your records.
Whether the deed is done as an honest mistake or deliberately, it is advisable to be double sure about the security of your records. Choosing the right Salesforce data backup service helps you deal with such mishaps without hitting any roadblock.

Key Features Of AOC To Watch Out For

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History Tracking And Data Versioning

The data backup and recovery tool of Salesforce has several limitations when it comes to tracking the history of your valuable records. This often leads to users hitting roadblocks while managing their datasets. On the other hand, AOC has no limitations regarding tracking the history of your data. A centralized platform allows you to view all the changes made to your records over time.
Through data versioning, AOC allows users to store multiple versions of data changed or created at different points in time. There are many reasons why users may need to add, delete, or edit records while working on their Salesforce data. With AOC, you can obtain all different data versions just as they were on a specific date and time. This provides you with a frame of reference and allows you to replicate any of the previous data versions if required.

On-demand Data Backup

The Salesforce data backup tool allows you to backup your datasets on an automated as well as an ad-hoc basis. Whether you are willing to relieve your team members from performing manual backups or schedule them as per your preferences, AOC is designed to meet all your requirements in a jiffy!

Comparison Reports

Along with backing up your Salesforce data, AOC provides you with extensive backup comparison reports. These reports show you how your Salesforce data has altered between subsequent backups. The reports also help users find the right data to restore and the time when it needs restoration.

Rolling Back Your Changes

AOC makes going back in time possible with this feature! The tool allows users to roll back their backup and restoration activities to make necessary changes in specific datasets. This prevents you from encountering issues at later stages and ensures full-proof Salesforce data backup.
With the rollback feature, you can undo your processes and correct the mistakes committed while backing up and/or restoring your Salesforce data.

Dashboard For Monitoring Status

With a simple yet comprehensive dashboard, AOC allows you to monitor the ongoing status of all your Salesforce data backup and recovery processes. It also provides you with all details regarding every process carried out by users. This helps you keep track of your data backup activities and make important data management decisions.
With a centralized dashboard, all your team members can keep track of the data management processes carried out within the organization. This prevents unwanted data siloes and keeps everyone on the same page.

Detailed Auditing

If you want to obtain nitty-gritty details about your Salesforce data backup and recovery processes, AOC allows you to conduct detailed audits for the same. This provides users with valuable insights into their business processes, run additional data backups, check API usage, view data-driven graphs, and obtain all relevant audit information.

High Scalability

AOC is a scalable tool that can be used by organizations belonging to all industries and functioning at all operational scales. Even if your company handles limited data and is willing to expand in the future, AOC would adjust according to the needs and preferences of your organization.
Similarly, if your company is handling a large volume of data and is willing to scale down its processes, AOC can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

Why Choose AOC For Salesforce Data Backup And Recovery?

Archive On Cloud (AOC) To The Rescue!

If you are looking for an ideal Salesforce backup and recovery tool, you have just landed on the right page! Archive on Cloud (AOC) by Webuters Technologies is designed to prevent unwanted data losses and ensure 100% security of your Salesforce data.
Before we get to the features of our flagship tool, have a look at the three major AOC functions:


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Save it all, keep it forever! AoC offers unlimited storage with limitless retention of data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the common questions related to AOC and the back and recovery concerns.

After bringing its data backup and restoration services to a halt in 2020, Salesforce resumed the same in the fall of 2021. Although these services are provided by the CRM platform itself, it has several limitations. Salesforce itself recommends users choose a third-party data backup service provider that suits their needs.

ArchiveOnCloud allows you to overcome all the limitations pertaining to Salesforce’s native services. The automated tool allows you to create backups for your Salesforce data, restore it when required, and keep your Salesforce database secure. AOC provides users with a range of different features on an interface that is easy to understand and simple to use.

Moreover, Salesforce only helps you recover your data and not metadata. On the other hand, AOC allows you to backup and restore your Salesforce data as well as metadata as per your needs and preferences.

Despite the common assumption of cloud-based platforms backing up your data by default, it is important to note that it is not true. While most platforms facilitate the protection of the application as a whole, data protection, backup, and restoration is different case altogether. Even if you have switched to an automated cloud-based platform, it is advisable to use the right data backup and recovery tool as per your requirements.
Yes, AOC helps you achieve test data of high quality for the purpose of sandbox seeding. This allows developers to test specific features and build new applications without affecting the production environment. The tool also helps users mask their valuable records with anonymous characters to prevent the data from being accessed by personnel with limited or no access. This reduced the cost and complexities involved in sandbox seeding to a great extent.

Backing up your Salesforce data using a dedicated tool is similar to getting car insurance as you drive. No matter how confident you are as a driver, you wouldn’t want to risk it all for an accident (or any other damage) that may end up ruining your prized possession. Similarly, no matter how confident you are about your team members and the CRM platform itself, it is always preferable to get yourself a Salesforce data backup and recovery tool.

If you choose not to back your Salesforce data up, you stand a chance to lose some or all of your valuable records when you least expect. This may leave you unprepared, lost, and confused, bringing most of your business processes to an unexpected halt. Data is a highly valuable asset in the age of digitization and having the right backup solution is always important.

Salesforce would cost you a minimum of $10,000 per data backup and recovery request. Salesforce claims that it costs the company even more to create a backup for a specific org and retrieve the data as per the users’ requirements. This is another important reason why it is important to choose a Salesforce backup and recovery tool like AOC instead of taking Salesforce’s help.
You do not need to worry if you end up making a mistake while backing up your Salesforce data using AOC. The tool provides you with an exclusive rollback function that allows you to take a few steps back, correct your mistake, make other changes (if needed), and carry on with your backup process. This makes the overall process more holistic and organized.