Backing up your data is the most critical thing you can do for your business. Nothing is more terrifying than the prospect of losing all your data, especially with Salesforce. Panic creeps in when you consider the work you’ve done so far, which has vanished in the blink of an eye.

For example, take a moment to think about what happened when Duke University, a university which hosts over 19,000 students and is planning on hosting the 2020 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament lost all of its backup data backups in 2008 because of an electrical surge. They had no luck finding anything from before 2008 because it was erased from their servers. This shows that backing up your data should be priority number one for any business because you never know how important and/or irreplaceable something becomes without it.

Salesforce backup solution

If your firm deals with a big amount of data, you need to keep it protected. If you are backing up your data using standard Salesforce data backup solutions, you’d be aware that weekly exports are not enough to safeguard your critical data. Even Salesforce advises you to protect your data with a third-party solution. 

So, the question is…

Why is Salesforce advising you to use a third-party solution when the weekly export is available for your rescue?

Here Are the Top Reasons

As opposed to daily backups, the weekly export is a weekly backup. Between backup snapshots, you’re missing data.

When a data loss occurs, you may not be aware of the total degree of the loss. Using the weekly export CSV files to find the lost data in such a daunting task.

Using the weekly export to recover from a data loss and preserve relationships between different items is a big deal.

The weekly export files are only available for download for 48 hours. This task will be hard in large implementations.

It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

How do you keep track of the weekly export file? ON YOUR COMPUTER? Your information is not safe!

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Don’t take our word for it

Salesforce admitted once that using their tragedic services, recovering your data could take “months.” Really! 

Salesforce does provide data backup and recovery, but it may be more expensive and time-consuming than you think. Traditional Salesforce backups aren’t always enough. Once you’ve created a backup in Salesforce, you are not completely protected. 

Weekly Exports are hard to manage and when it comes to data restoration, it is even harder. What if you need old data, it would take you months yourself to go through the exported files to restore the correct record? 

Having said that, insufficient weekly exports and troublesome restores raise the need for a reliable and robust Salesforce data backup and recovery tool. 

You can rely on ArchiveOnCloud (AOC)

With AOC you can choose which objects you want to back up & whether you want the complete object or modifications made. The tool keeps your data in a database, making it easy to utilize the backed-up data when needed, as well as recovering data from a CSV, Excel, or XML file, which is problematic.

You’ll need a reliable solution to backup your Salesforce data if you want to perform efficient Salesforce analytics. One of the top data backup solutions for Salesforce, AOC will cover anything you might forget. Second, it will offer scalability and flexibility across your data demands, providing your company with the future-proofing it needs for a successful future strategy.

One of the most significant threats associated with Salesforce is the possibility of data loss. What if you lose your data? It will impact not you but also your customer relationships and other projects. That’s where AOC can help by backing up the data and ensuring its safety in any circumstances.

Traditional automated backup systems pale in comparison to AOC. While backing up data is insufficient, you should be able to recover it as easy as backing it up. It provides data recovery, tracks data versioning; ensuring you never lose critical data.

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Wrap Up 

Finally, if you’ve ever lost data, you understand how upsetting it can be. Switch to ArchiveOnCloud, a data backup solution for Salesforce, because it safeguards data in the worst scenarios. Contact our technical expert now if you’d like to learn more about how AOC can help your company.

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