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Salesforce Data Recovery FAQs

The limitation of the Data Export allows you to backup your data once a week at most. Additionally, for Professional Edition of Salesforce, data export is not more than once a month. Also, Salesforce itself warns that scheduled exports can be delayed by up to one week due to heavy traffic. That’s enough reasons to have a backup solution to keep your data safe.

Backups run daily, weekly, monthly based on your business need at any time.

No, there is no limit on storage.

AoC supports MySQL database.

Yes, AoC is able to backup or archive data from Salesforce Org and pushing back data into Salesforce is available through AoC’s restore feature.

No, you can track history of any number of records per object.

Yes, files and attachments from Salesforce Org can also be easily backed up into database of your choice.

You can backup any kinds of Salesforce Orgs like Sandbox, Production, Development Orgs.

Yes, you can select the objects to be backed up.

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