Salesforce Cloud is the most efficient technology adopted by the top IT companies. To enable a business to achieve more in a shorter time, Salesforce has set controls to ensure consistent system performance. However, storage is a significant obstruction in the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce storage is categorized into three types – Data storage, File storage, and Big objects. Every department in the organization is allocated a specific storage space – and beyond that, the limit might exceed.

Data growth in Salesforce is inevitable hence you will need a manage data with the right strategy. One of the ways to increase or expand storage is through Archiving old data.

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AOC (ArchiveOnCloud) is a highly comprehensive data protection solution designed to protect Salesforce – and other critical business solutions beyond situations. In addition, it accelerates your business operations and growth through data protection features.

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With AOC – you can backup your data in Salesforce in your choice of database. Besides, it supports multi-database functionality – and allows you to schedule regular Salesforce data backups.

It doesn’t restrict tracking or history of records – you can check your previous data. With the solution, you can get easy recovery of data. Plus, you can restore data to Salesforce with a single click.

AOC has no time range of backups – you can do it weekly, monthly, or according to your preferred time range. In addition, it offers secure backup support with flexible recovery options that leave no room for errors.

And, data recovery in Salesforce is critical to any company. Whether your task is simple or intricate – you can maximize your backup and data recovery performance with ArchiveOnCloud.

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Moreover, you don’t have to pay a dime for charges – as there is no cost of signing up and no added credits required. It is the simplest way to manage and track the data records in Salesforce.

Additionally, it is essential to secure the Salesforce data to prevent data loss and other compliance issues. Besides, AOC is adept at providing optimal storage space and enhanced performance.

It maneuvers the policies associated with admin records and minimizes the storage needs. Listed below are three important reasons to secure your Salesforce data with AOC.

1. Single-click Data Recovery

AOC solution offers a single-click data recovery, which offers complete flexibility. Most companies use the Salesforce weekly report service that delivers weekly data backup. Despite the advantages, it has several limitations.

Besides, heavy Salesforce traffic delays the backup process. Metadata is not included in backups – so you have to rebuild it. Backup files are often stored on laptops and other non-approved media platforms.

Data in Salesforce needs to be categorized according to sets of importance. Moreover, some data sets may need a standard reference – and you will need to do it frequently. When you use AOC to archive your unused data – it frees up your system.

And once your system frees up, you will be able to access and process the information according to your need. Moreover, with AOC – you can perform the backups at a reasonable speed – as you don’t have to create copies of inactive data. 

2. Tracking of Data for Reference

There is a limit on the number of fields to track history per entity. And the default limit is 20 fields per object. If your company needs to increase the limit, you must contact the Salesforce team. AOC solutions give access to complete history tracking of records.

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The Salesforce data is of primary importance – like all the other versions. There is no limitation of tracking, unlike other platforms. With the comprehensive data backup – you don’t have to worry about anything else. Plus, it supports multiple versions of data and types. You can avoid unexpected data loss with the feature. 

3. Easy Backup Solutions

Salesforce generates a bulk amount of data from multiple sources, including sales events, customer interactions, etc. Another challenge is constantly changing compliance requirements – so companies need to be updated about new changes. Most companies are sometimes unsure about repurposing their data, which also poses a challenge.

Due to frequent data storage techniques, companies might face data storage issues. AOC allows the backup of data in any format like CSV and Excel. Also, you can schedule regular backups as per the business needs. 

Bottom Line 

Streamlined processes are a need for a profitable business. Any wasted efforts can harm business operations – thereby reducing productivity. With an impact on productivity – there will be a reduction in output.

By archiving the data – you can clear up the obstruction from your Salesforce environment – so the employees can focus on other vital business tasks.

Utilizing AOC to secure your Salesforce data has become a must for a company. Besides, you can use data security tools tailored to your specifications.