Data seems germane to any sort of business but it’s also something we take for granted–until it’s gone. And this is what calls for the Salesforce data backup services to keep you protected in every situation. Learn about the 5 ways Salesforce data loss can get your business and how to protect against this risk. 

What Are the Costs Associated With Data Loss? 

The cost of data loss can be extremely high. First, some potential business opportunities may not present themselves if your company’s marketing strategy is based on contact information. Secondly, an entire project may be delayed if all the data is not available. Lastly, recovery of data can’t take place if the data is not being backed or if the backup were lost and so there would be a financial cost associated with those as well.

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As a Salesforce Org, you must understand the value of data backup, recovery, and complete protection. Don’t wait for the disaster to strike, instead opt for Salesforce data backup services to minimize the cost associated with data loss.  

How Often Does Salesforce Data Disappear? 

Data disappearing is a serious problem for every industry, including non-profits. In the case of Salesforce, some reports are claiming that data is being deleted more than 6% of the time. Missing data can be costly for companies, and it could lead, unintentionally, to mistakes in analysis and reporting. Reports claim that, in spite of Salesforce efforts to reduce erase rates, every one minute there are 157 records lost from Salesforce. 

  • Salesforce data can disappear for many reasons. The most common cause for data disappearing would have to be the deletion, accidental or intentional, by a company’s Salesforce administrator.  
  • If you are using Salesforce and something goes wrong during a program update, then it’s possible that your data will be lost.  
  • Data could also be lost when it’s transferred from one system to another if there are early disconnects during transmission.  
  • Employees may accidentally or purposefully delete Salesforce data in order to hide fraud and other wrongdoing.  
  • Another data-loss cause is an unintentional mistake, such as when managers inadvertently make mistakes editing user account information. 

5 Deadly Ways Salesforce Data Loss Can Get Your Business 

Salesforce data loss

Data Loss 1: From Inside Your Salesforce 

It seems unsurprising that data loss happens almost always from the inside. That’s because there are so many different ways a user can accidentally delete something (e.g., mislabeling an object, mistakenly selecting a wrong option, using the wrong API). It doesn’t help when Salesforce does not back up their data – and then updates all of your company data in one fell swoop without waiting for the IT department to approve all updates, the way it’s supposed to do under normal circumstances. 

Data Loss 2: Via No Backups 

Sometimes you’ll need to delete data for various reasons, but deleting it changes the backup point. Although any change will delete old data sets and backup files, this could lead to a total company loss. You need a robust backup solution like ArchiveOnCloud to keep your data protected against the odds.  

Data Loss 3: Via Inefficiency 

Weak password security and insufficient account permissions are two functions that are common to inefficiency-induced data loss. The first can arise from password policies that are too lax, or by employees continuing to use the same login. Inadequate permissions could lead to data losses, if you haven’t planned on data permissions for users, you seriously need to have one in place.  

Data Loss 4: Via People Skills 

Data loss can happen if your employees are careless about the software, or you don’t provide them with the skills they need to minimize their mistakes. For example, many people might be using Salesforce and have access of some of the data. As they don’t have enough training they might accidentally delete or edit records that are not easy to recover. Training employee on the usage of CRM like Salesforce is of utmost importance.  

Data Loss 5: From Intentional Sabotage 

Oftentimes, data loss occurs when employees are malicious. They purposefully delete or corrupt files and lose important information that damages the company’s reputation to close a deal with a client. These malicious intents could lead you to lose a lot of critical data that is deleted forever.  

All the above 5 ways can happen to any business, so to be safe against such data loss risks, get started with Salesforce data backup services, strict permissions, and better training.  

How to Protect Against the Salesforce Data Loss Risk? 

Salesforce does offer data backup and recovery, which could be hard on your pockets or business budget. If you are completely depending on native Salesforce data backup services for data protection, beware! Your data is not fully protected. However, you can use ArchiveOnCloud, a Salesforce data protection platform, that will automatically backup all your data with no downtime. This is important because according to a Gartner study, “A quarter of surveyed organizations said they had experienced some form of data loss.” 

The Robust Salesforce Data Backup Services 

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The Problem is Old, The Solution is New

It all started when we noticed the number of businesses that do not have a backup strategy in place, how many businesses does not take the necessary measures to protect their sensitive data against uninvited events, and how many organizations are not aware of the data they are losing within Salesforce. They were trusting that “everything would work out”. If only there was a way to make it easier for people to protect their critical data from these threats, it was the power of automation, that ArchiveOnCloud (AOC) leverages to offer the best comprehensive data backup and recovery.  

AOC has served over 500 satisfied business customers worldwide. Webuters offers one of the bests Salesforce data backup services in the market today. With AOC, you can set up automatic and scheduled backups with just a few clicks. AOC will automatically update your archives as soon as your data changes which ensure that you never have to worry about losing data ever again! 
AOC offers rock-solid security for all your backup data and its Salesforce data backup services provide businesses unmatched data protection, reliability, and resiliency–whether your organization supports hundreds or tens of thousands of users.

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Bottom Line

There are times when you can’t afford the price of native Salesforce data recovery, and Salesforce’s data backup services are not enough. If your organization is fully relying on Salesforce and doesn’t have any third-party backup option, you will suffer heavy data loss at a big price. There is no business that wants to lose all their important data. So, to combat, a backup and recovery strategy is what you need.  Companies experiencing Salesforce data loss often rely on third-party solutions like ArchiveOnCloud (AOC), which offers one of the best Salesforce data backup services to backup and recover the Salesforce data with ease. It is a startling wake-up call if you still do not have Salesforce data backup services, beware that your data can be lost. We urge businesses that use Marketing Cloud or Salesforce to make sure they are doing everything in their power to back up and protect their data. 

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