Salesforce, the popular CRM software, has been the dominant force in the industry for decades. While it is great for its many functions and features, one of the biggest downsides of using Salesforce is that you have to deal with storage limits. Deletion is a forced part of managing your data in Salesforce, as there may come a day when you need to free up space on your Salesforce org without hurting your pocket.

Have you prepared for data loss? Data is everywhere nowadays, which means the potential for it to be lost, corrupted or compromised is sky high. To prepare for this unlikely but devastating scenario, look into data recovery tools like ArchiveOnCloud (AOC). AOC offers instant data backup, easy recovery of data, and versioning too.

What is Data Loss in Salesforce?

Data loss is the process of something going wrong with your Salesforce data. This can happen when a user creates an issue that causes drastic changes in the data, or when a new feature is introduced and these changes are not recognized. Data loss may also occur due to an error that occurs in your Salesforce installation. In any case, it is important to start planning for it!

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How to Avoid Data Loss with Salesforce?

Salesforce has some great tools that let you effectively manage your data. One of them is Salesforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which monitors the salesforce workflow and flags any potential incidents of data loss. The system is set up to detect if confidential information has been leaked, or if personal information has been shared without the individual’s consent.

But what about the data stored in your Org? What is a small manual error that causes you to lose one of the critical parts of data that isn’t easy to recover? If you’re using Salesforce you need to be aware of the recovery and backup process in Salesforce. The format of backup is CSV and Excel which is not easy to go through to get the desired data and data recovery comes at a cost. So make sure you’re doing everything in your power to prevent data loss. Salesforce provides data recovery service but that can hit your pockets hard.

Have you thought about saving your Salesforce data? There are ways to make sure that any type of saving error does not cause the loss of important Salesforce data. The amazing thing is, that you do not need to spend money on a costly data recovery method when you can avoid this with an easy solution provided by Webuters that is ready to use now. The best way to avoid data loss is by using a data protection solution, AOC, a Salesforce data backup and recovery tool that allows you to take scheduled backups and one-click recovery of data. Along with that, the tool keeps versioning of data, so you quickly get back to the data and the version to fix the critical issues that come with no notice.

The Top Five Reasons You Should Use a Backup Solution for Salesforce Org

Salesforce is a useful tool that has been used by many businesses to increase productivity and efficiency. However, it can also be a great source of frustration if your data gets lost or corrupted. Here are five reasons why you should use a backup solution for Salesforce:

1) Ensure an accurate record.
2) Protect the reputation of your company.
3) Make sure the company stays ahead of the competition.
4) Enable users to resume work quickly when something goes wrong.
5) Maintain peace of mind.

Bottom Line

One of the most important things you should do to prevent data loss is to make sure that your Salesforce data is backed up. There are several Salesforce data backup tools available, but the most reliable one is ArchiveOnCloud (AOC). The tool is incredibly easy-to-use and has been designed with simplicity in mind. It would be a wise step to choose AOC as a backup and recovery tool for your Salesforce Org. Its one-click data recovery, scheduled backups, and versioning let you act quickly in the event of undesirable data loss.